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YouTube Star MrBeast Launching New Snack Line

MrBeast, the top-earning You Tube star according to Forbes, is launching a new snack line. AKA Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast’s snack line is called Feastables, a better-for-you snacking brand rooted in gamified experiences. [Photo above: Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast, with his new line of snack bars.] Feastables’ first launch is the MrBeast Bar, a gluten-free chocolate bar […]


HP Warns of Cybercriminals Using Excel Malware

PALO ALTO – HP Inc. has released its latest global HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report, providing analysis of real-world cybersecurity attacks. By isolating threats that have evaded detection tools and made it to user endpoints, HP Wolf Security has specific insight into the latest techniques being used by cybercriminals. The HP Wolf Security threat research […]

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Google Cloud Offering Free Hosting for New Venture-Backed Startups

Google Cloud wants to take on Amazon and Microsoft by targeting venture-backed startups with free hosting and support. Ryan Kiskis, Director of Startup Ecosystem of Google Cloud, announced in a blog post the Google for Startups Cloud Program will cover the first year of Google Cloud usage for investor-backed startups, through series A rounds, up […]


Doordash Drivers in California Earn $34/Hour

Just one year after its enactment, California’s Proposition 22 has led to increased pay for Doordash drivers (also known as dashers) in the state. Prop 22 guaranteed dashers 120% of minimum wage in their local communities while they were delivering orders (not waiting for orders) and has boosted statewide pay for dashers to $34 an […]

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Electric Sheep Wants to Bring Robots to Your Lawn

SAN FRANCISCO — Electric Sheep Robotics, a specialist in autonomous lawn mowing, has introduced the Dexter robot. Dexter takes existing commercial lawn mowers, both gas and electric, and turns them into autonomous vehicles. Dexter is designed to address critical labor shortages in the landscaping, facilities, and property management industries. The labor market in landscaping is […]


eBay Offers Authentication Service for Trading Cards

eBay has announced the launch of its Authenticity Guarantee service for trading cards. Now single ungraded trading cards (including collectible card games, sports and non-sports) sold for $750+ in the U.S. will be authenticated. By mid-2022, the service will expand to include graded, autograph and patch cards sold for $250+. With the addition of trading […]


Cana Emerges From Stealth With Molecular Beverage Printer

REDWOOD CITY — After three years of research and development, Cana Technology is emerging from stealth with the world’s first countertop molecular beverage printer to give people any beverage, anytime, with ultra-low waste. Cana was founded by The Production Board (TPB), a holding company established to solve the most fundamental problems that affect our planet. TPB, which […]