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Google Unveils Beefed Up Chromebook Plus Laptops

Chromebook was first introduced over a decade ago and is now a popular platform of low-priced laptops for schools and other users. Since Chromebooks run on Google’s own operating system, these laptops are much cheaper than those running on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Now Google has teamed with up its partners Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo to launch a new category of laptops called Chromebook Plus with almost double the performance of Chromebook models released in the last two years.

Chromebook Plus offers built-in Google apps and powerful AI capabilities. It also offers Google Photos Magic Eraser and Adobe Photoshop on the web to help consumers boost their productivity, inspire their creativity and make everyday tasks intuitive. It’s a laptop experience that optimizes hardware performance with software apps and tools, all at a starting price of $399.

At least eight new Chromebook Plus laptops are now available from Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo.

All Chromebook Plus laptops offer faster processors and double the memory and storage, giving you the power to get more done, easily. All Chromebook Plus laptops also come with a Full HD IPS display — which means you get a full 1080p HD experience when watching streaming content, and crisp, clear viewing for reading, creating content or editing photos and videos. Finally, there’s a 1080p+ webcam with temporal noise reduction for smoother, more lifelike video calls.

Chromebook Plus laptops come with the the following guaranteed hardware specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 12th Gen or above, or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series or above
  • RAM: 8GB+
  • Storage: 128GB+
  • Webcamera: 1080p+ with Temporal Noise Reduction
  • Display: Full HD IPS or better display