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Airbnb to Use AI to Thwart New Year’s Eve Parties

It’s been the year of AI, so why not use it to clamp down on unwanted parties this New Year’s Eve? Airbnb says it is implementing restrictions on certain bookings over New Year’s Eve that aim to reduce the risk of unauthorized and disruptive parties in local neighborhoods, and will be deploying AI-powered technology to […]

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Apple Remains No. 1 Brand for 11th Year in a Row

Apple ranks as the No. 1 Best Global Brand for the 11th consecutive year according to consulting firm Interbrand. Interbrand has unveiled its Best Global Brands 2023 ranking, revealing many of the world’s top 100 brands are in a state of stagnation. The rate of growth in the overall brand value of the table slowed […]


No New Year’s Eve Parties at Airbnb

Airbnb is cracking down on unauthorized parties for the New Year’s holiday. The company is introducing restrictions on certain types of bookings over New Year’s Eve. These restrictions will see a ban on one-night bookings of entire home listings for guests without a positive account history – or no previous bookings at all – on […]


Los Angeles, Seattle Rank Top for Remote Workers Says Airbnb

With millions of people now more flexible about where they live and work, guests are spreading to thousands of towns and cities this summer – over 72,000 cities and towns, to be exact – with many even “living” on Airbnb for the entire season. About one in five guests reported using Airbnb to work remotely while […]

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Silicon Valley Stocks Trading Over $200

Here’s a list of area companies with stock prices over $200 at the end of 2021. The list would have been larger except for a late year selloff in technology stocks. Apple did not make this list since its stock price finished at $177.57 but the company was worth $2.9 trillion.

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Airbnb CEO Worth $12.8 Billion

Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky is one of the world’s richest men with his stake in the home and apartment rental company. Chesky holds 76,437,399 shares in Airbnb based on SEC filings as of April 23. With a Wednesday closing price of $167.44, Chesky’s stake is worth $12.8 billion. Chesky, 40, earned a salary […]

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New Airbnb Hosts Made $9,600 in 2021

Airbnb released data last month about new hosts on its rental network. Hosts in the US, who welcomed their first guests in the first six months of 2021 and have only one listing, have collectively made millions of dollars hosting on Airbnb. Half of new listings that were both activated and booked in early 2021 […]