Doordash Offers Gas Rewards for Drivers

In response to rising gas prices, Doordash — the leading food delivery service — is offering its drivers bonuses based on miles driven and 10% back on gas purchases via its Dasher Direct debit card.

Here is what Doordash is offering its drivers, also known as dashers:

  1. All U.S. Dashers Are Eligible for 10% Cash Back on Gas. Through DasherDirect, a prepaid business Visa debit card designed for Dashers, Dashers can now get 10% cash back on gas purchases – at any U.S. station – every time they use their card, even when they aren’t dashing. DasherDirect is open to all U.S. Dashers, with no credit check required to apply, and Dashers can start using a virtual card at digital checkout screens as soon as they’re approved. DasherDirect is powered by the company’s partners at Payfare and issued by Stride Bank.
  2. Weekly Gas Bonus for Those Who Dash Most. Each week, Dashers who accept and complete orders totaling 100 miles in a motor vehicle will earn an extra $5 – and those extra earnings will increase the more they deliver. For 175 miles, for instance, Dashers will earn an extra $10, and for 225 miles, they will earn another $15. The company says these incremental rewards can add extra earnings between $1.27 and $1.69 per gallon for those who qualify, on top of normal DoorDash pay, promotions, and tips.

Doordash drivers use their own vehicles and pay for gas used. AAA reports national gas prices are $4.27 on average as of March 18 and $5.80 in the state of California.

Doordash says the gas rewards won’t be paid by customers in additional fees. This is directly opposite to what Uber and Lyft are doing with new customer fees.

Uber says it is now charging $0.45 to $0.55 per ride and $0.35 to $0.45 for an Uber Eats order. Lyft says it will begin charging $0.55 for customer rides as a fuel surcharge starting next week.