Macy’s Valley Fair Installs Robot Bakery Machine

“Food is an important part of our customer experience, and Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair is thrilled to expand the customer experience with a robotic micro-bakery,” said Heather Stallion, Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair store manager. “As we evolve to meet our customer’s changing needs, we’re confident that Bake Xpress will be a tremendous partner by offering hearty, fresh-baked food in a fun and futuristic new way just in time for holiday shopping.”

Bake Xpress micro-bakeries are unique robotic vending solutions that offer a selection of pastries, pizza and artisan sandwiches that are freshly baked at time of order. Each food item is prepared and partially baked at a traditional bakery before being stored in the Bake Xpress refrigeration unit and then freshly baked in the machine’s smart oven when the customer places the order. Food is delivered hot and fresh within minutes, providing restaurant-quality food in a convenient vending solution. Bake Xpress partnered with Macy’s to create a custom menu featuring croissants, chocolate croissants, pepperoni pizza, pasta meals, sausage and ham sandwiches and calzones.

“We are excited to launch the first public Bake Xpress in the Bay Area at Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair after two years of successful operation at private corporate and university locations,” said Le Bread Xpress Founder and CEO Benoit Herve. “Bake Xpress is unique in its ability to provide hot, freshly-baked gourmet food, which sets it apart from packaged snacks in traditional vending machines. We are pleased to see our vision of applying robotics and technology to food delivery continue to gain popularity, and we are looking forward to this new partnership with Macy’s.”

Le Bread Express was founded in 2015 and its machines have been installed at corporate and university sites in the Bay Area since 2019.