Salaries at NVidia

Here’s what workers earned at NVidia based on data for H1-B positions filed with the Department of Labor. The salaries do not include benefits or stock options. Data is for the first quarter of 2022.


Salaries at Tesla

Tesla is the world’s leading maker of electric cars. The company’s main factory is in Fremont, CA with offices in Palo Alto and Hawthorne, CA. A second U.S. factory is almost ready in Austin, TX. Here are salaries for Tesla workers based on information for H1-B applicants submitted to the Department of Labor. Salary figures […]

News Salaries

Salaries for Amazon Workers

Amazon announced to corporate employees last week it would raise base salary this year from $160,000 max to $350,000 according to Geekwire. Amazon’s base salary had been lower compared to other tech companies like Microsoft and Google but offered sign-on bonuses instead and more restricted stock units to make up for the difference. These changes […]