Salaries at Zoom Video

Here are salaries at Zoom Video from H1-B filings with the Department of Labor. Zoom is the leading video conferencing software which saw tremendous growth during the pandemic.

Below are salaries at Zoom offices at 55 Almaden Blvd. in San Jose for the first quarter of 2022.


Job Title LocationSalary
Software Development Engineer -WindowsSan Jose$130,894
Senior Software EngineerSan Jose$130,894-138,176
Software EngineerSan Jose$104,291-130,894
Machine Learning EngineerSan Jose$184,080
Windows Desktop Client Software EngineerSan Jose$138,176
Senior Business Intelligence EngineerSan Jose$184,080
Data Scientist, MarketingSan Jose$146,827
Senior Data Scientist, MarketingSan Jose$184,850
Senior Security EngineerSan Jose$147.160-170,248
Machine Learning EngineerSan Jose$104,291
Senior Data EngineerSan Jose$184.080
Business Intelligence EngineerSan Jose$130,894
Senior DevOps EngineerSan Jose$184,080
Senior Systems AdministratorSan Jose$114,733
SDK EngineerSan Jose$130,894
Sr. Device EngineerSan Jose$164,033