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Salaries at Roku

Here are salaries for technical workers at Roku, the leading Internet streaming platform.

Salaries are from filings with the Department of Labor for H1-B workers in the first quarter of 2022.

Job Title LocationSalary
Senior Data ScientistSan Jose$145,000-229,500
Senior Software EngineerSan Jose$184,080-658,750
Sr. Analyst, Data ScienceSan Jose$146,827-229,500
Senior Software Engineer, Machine LearningSan Jose$232,000-467,500
Senior Quality Assurance EngineerSan Jose$184,080-216,750
Software Engineer, Data PlatformSan Jose$135,660-250,000
Senior Product ManagerSan Jose$221,000-422,675
Senior Software Engineer, TestSan Jose$169,702-260,000
Senior Security EngineerSan Jose$147.160-170,248
Senior Data EngineerSan Jose$210,000-403,750
Senior Business Intelligence EngineerSan Jose$189,000-212,500
Senior Systems EngineerSan Jose$150,000-263,500
Technical Program Manager – Partner EngineeringSan Jose$215,000-250,000
Consumer Insights ManagerSan Jose$153,000
Development Tools EngineerSan Jose$135,000
International Tax ManagerSan Jose$180,000
Senior Program ManagerSan Jose$185,000-358,875
Sr. SW Engineer, Partner AppsSan Jose$157,477-658,750
UX Product DesignerSan Jose$139,500-220,000
Senior Software EngineerAustin$127,504-425,000
Senior QA EngineerAustin$127,504-171,000
Senior Data EngineerAustin$207,206-288,000
Manager, Software EngineeringAustin$256,000
Senior Software Engineer, Machine LearningNew York$269,625
UX Product DesignerNew York$189,000-210,375
Product ManagerNew York$259,500
Senior Data ScientistNew York$130,973-216,600
Senior Sales and Operations AnalystNew York$135,375