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Salaries for Amazon Workers

Amazon announced to corporate employees last week it would raise base salary this year from $160,000 max to $350,000 according to Geekwire.

Amazon’s base salary had been lower compared to other tech companies like Microsoft and Google but offered sign-on bonuses instead and more restricted stock units to make up for the difference.

These changes don’t affect warehouse employees which make up the bulk of Amazon’s workforce. These employees have an average starting pay of $15 per hour or more depending on location.

Below are salaries paid to selected Amazon workers based on H1-B filings with the Department of Labor for the fourth quarter of 2021. The jobs are in Silicon Valley and Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. The salaries do not include benefits or stock options.

Job Title LocationSalary
Applied Scientist IIIPalo Alto$171,163
Manager III, UX DesignPalo Alto$70,450
Manager I, ICQAPalo Alto$84,490
Software Development Engineer IIPalo Alto$170,500
Data Scientist IPalo Alto$84,094
Tech Business Developer IIISanta Clara$165,000
Software Development Engineer ISunnyvale$130,224
Quality Assurance Engineer IISunnyvale$170,000
HR Specialist 1Seattle$49,391
Front End Engineer IISeattle$113,110
Security Engineer IISeattle$93.808
Site Manager, OperationsSeattle$105,934
Business Developer IIISeattle$103,147
Administrative Support IVSeattle$105,934
Inventory Planner ISeattle$49,837
UX Designer IISeattle$64,792
Data Scientist IIISeattle$114,941
Business Developer IIISeattle$103,147
Principal Program ManagementSeattle$118,269
Director, Supply Chain ManagementSeattle$160,000
IT Application Analyst IISeattle$96,554
Risk Manager IIISeattle$98,946
Designer ISeattle$49,546
Network Engineer ISeattle$92,186
Product Marketing IISeattle$133,619
Sales Operations IIISeattle$132,400
Manager III, Inventory PlanningSeattle$77,771
Software Development Engineer IISeattle$163,000
Senior Technical Product ManagerSeattle$155,000
Financial Analyst III - MBASeattle$130,000
General Marketing IISan Francisco$71,240
UX Designer IIISan Francisco$90,348
Product Manager III, TechSan Francisco$201,968
Hardware Development Engineer ISan Francisco$72,218
Principal Tech Program ManagerSan Francisco$201,968