Salaries at NVidia

Here’s what workers earned at NVidia based on data for H1-B positions filed with the Department of Labor. The salaries do not include benefits or stock options.

Data is for the first quarter of 2022.

Job Title LocationSalary
Test EngineerSanta Clara$172,245
Engineer Devtech SoftwareSanta Clara$123,900-230,100
Software EngineerSanta Clara$130,894-177,450
Hardware Engineer, ElectronicsSanta Clara$124,176-236,600
Senior Software EngineerSanta Clara$265,000
Product ManagerSanta Clara$171,350-287,300
Distinguished EngineerSanta Clara$320,000
Senior ArchitectSanta Clara$168,000
Software QA EngineerSanta Clara$162,582-217,100
Senior SRAM Circuit DesignerSanta Clara$175,000
Solutions ArchitectSanta Clara$175,000
Admin Unix AdvisorySanta Clara$112,000-182,000
Senior Site Reliability EngineerSanta Clara$175,000
Senior Speed Characterization Engineer - HardwareSanta Clara$170,000
Senior Systems and Safety EngineerSanta Clara$185,000
Product Marketing EngineerSanta Clara$175,000
Research ScientistSanta Clara$143,874-260,000
Architect, ElectronicsSanta Clara$172,245-292,500
Verification EngineerSanta Clara$148,221-214,500
Program ManagerSanta Clara$116,043-162,500
Engineer, Field ApplicationsSanta Clara$128,814-162,500
Manager ITSanta Clara$265,000
Marketing Program ManagerSanta Clara$173,738
Marketing ManagerSanta Clara$154,846-240,500
Architect, Computer Santa Clara$184,080-210,600
Financial AnalystSanta Clara$143,042-200,000