Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure at Berkeley Fraternity

A man was arrested last week for indecent exposure and masturbating at a Berkeley fraternity house.

On July 19th at 6:18 pm, Berkeley police officers responded to a Collegiate Greek system residence on the 2400 block of Piedmont Avenue on a report of a suspect who was masturbating outside the residence.  When officers arrived, they found the suspect on the front patio with pants down, genitals exposed and masturbating.  After speaking with several witnesses, officers learned that the suspect had previously entered the Collegiate Greek system residence through an open door—where he was confronted by several residents.  The suspect then walked outside—where he removed his pants and began masturbating.

When officers searched the suspect and his belongings, they found a quantity of methamphetamine as well as drug and sex paraphernalia.

On July 21st, the Alameda District Attorney’s Office charged the suspect with PC 314(1)—indecent exposure and PC 148.9(a)—providing false information to a police officer, and several other criminal enhancements.