Alphawave Opens Silicon Valley Office

Alphawave IP, a provider of high-speed connectivity for the world’s technology infrastructure based in Toronto, has opened a new office in San Jose – marking the launch of its presence in the United States.

Alphawave expects the US office to grow to more than 40 employees by the end of the year, with the majority of employees in sales roles. The onsite laboratory will showcase the company’s most advanced technology from its IP cores and interface controllers to a demonstration of 100G-1.6Tbps data transfer.

“With the vast majority of our customer base in North America – and specifically in the United States – Silicon Valley is the natural choice for our new flagship North American office,” said Tony Pialis, CEO, president, and co-founder of Alphawave. “Our San Jose office will expand the company’s footprint in Silicon Valley and our ability to support customers in North America. The new office will also feature an enhanced laboratory facility to demonstrate our latest connectivity solutions with key partners in the industry.”

Alphawave’s new Silicon Valley office follows the company’s 2021 annual earnings report with over 225% year-on-year growth and its agreement to acquire OpenFive – which will accelerate Alphawave’s connectivity leadership, product offerings, and customer base. Alphawave’s vision is to power the world’s infrastructure to make data transfer faster, more reliable, and efficient for everything from 5G wireless networks, hyperscale data centers, AI, and other emerging applications.

Alphawave has about 170 employees worldwide and plans to continue global expansion through its OpenFive transaction and customer growth. The company will also open a second Silicon Valley office in Milpitas in 2022, pending its OpenFive acquisition.