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WorkRamp Reels in $40 Million

SAN FRANCISCO– WorkRamp, an All-in-One Learning Platform helping businesses and their employees unlock their true growth potential – has raised a $40 million Series C funding round co-led by Salesforce Ventures, Slack Fund and Susa Ventures. Jack Altman (CEO of Lattice), OMERS Ventures, GTMfund, PeopleTech Angels and UpHonest Capital also participated.

This latest round brings WorkRamp’s total funding to over $67 million. Since the start of 2021, WorkRamp says it has tripled its revenue and its customer base now includes more than 300 mid-market and enterprise businesses. Global brands including Reddit, Box, Handshake and Branch use WorkRamp to empower their workforces with new customers such as Hopin, GRIN and Vanta joining the platform.

WorkRamp has become a leader in the global learning management software market because of its unique people-centered approach and its integrated ecosystem. Its solution doesn’t just modernize and replace outdated, clunky learning systems of old, it does so in a way that enables companies to get the very best out of their people.

The WorkRamp platform helps companies unlock their true growth potential, exceed revenue targets and attract and retain top talent by putting the needs and demands of people at its core. From a best-in-class interface that learners enjoy using, to its all-in-one integrated platform and analytics that allow teams to directly correlate learning to business results, WorkRamp is there for people at every stage.

The relationship starts with the onboarding of new employees and carries all the way through to employee learning and development, training of salespeople, customer and partner education, compliance training and more. Anyone in a company can create content in minutes, rather than days and the entire end-to-end process centers around collaboration. WorkRamp also offers a dedicated VIP Slack Community for customers to share best practices and seek support.

“In today’s rapidly changing work environment, companies are struggling to keep up because they aren’t able to properly enable and develop their people,” said Ted Blosser, WorkRamp’s CEO and co-founder. “When organizations can provide stellar and engaging learning opportunities, they become unstoppable. They are empowered to attract and retain top talent, exceed revenue targets, and inspire customers to become advocates. Learning becomes a growth engine for the entire business.”