Bandwidth IG Completes Dark Fiber Route in San Jose

SUNNYVALE — Bandwidth Infrastructure Group (Bandwidth IG) has expanded its dark fiber data connections in Silicon Valley. The company recently completed a unique fiber route — diverse from other carriers — to the vital data center campuses in South San Jose. The 100% underground fiber optic network runs from Santa Clara to the Great Oaks area in South San Jose.

The Silicon Valley data center market remains one of the most active in the U.S., where the new data center construction pipeline exceeds 85MW — second only to Northern Virginia. As the demand for data center services continues to rise in Silicon Valley, access to reliable fiber networks to empower the vast amount of data being transmitted is increasing in tandem.

Bandwidth IG’s new, unique route provides data centers and their customers with a reliable, secure and fast network for connectivity between data centers or from data centers to corporate campuses. The route connects Santa Clara and Great Oaks to Bandwidth IG’s larger San Francisco Bay Area network that is on-net to over 30 data centers.

“The Silicon Valley area continues to be a hub for technology companies, and the advancements they’re creating require high quality networks that emphasize low signal loss and latency while maximizing route diversity,” says Jim Nolte, CEO for Bandwidth IG. “Our new dark fiber route achieves those goals, in fact the first test results showed signal loss roughly 40% below a standard loss budget.”

Recognizing that bandwidth demand continues to grow at an exponential pace, Bandwidth IG is focused on further expanding its network this year. In the next six months, Bandwidth IG will complete construction on two more diverse paths from Great Oaks. These new routes will offer enterprises and data center operators additional diversity and inventory to satisfy their critical bandwidth infrastructure needs. By the end of 2022, the network will traverse more than 165 route miles covering the data center concentrations and corporate campuses in Mountain ViewSunnyvaleSanta ClaraMilpitas and San Jose.

Bandwidth Infrastructure Group (Bandwidth IG) is a metro dark fiber provider that offers high capacity, strategic, dark fiber networks to mission critical data centers, hyperscalers and enterprises throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Portland and Greater Atlanta areas. Bandwidth IG’s 100% underground network meets critical data needs for enterprises and data centers who require quality, reliable connectivity options. Bandwidth IG’s San Francisco Bay Area network offers more than 160 route miles and 50 data centers. The Greater Portland network has more than 10 route miles and 14 data centers, and the Greater Atlanta network has more than 60 route miles and six data centers.