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Dispatch Goods Completes $3.7 Million Seed Funding

SAN FRANCISCO – Dispatch Goods, a reusable packaging logistics startup that enables restaurants and delivery companies the ability to offer reusable, sustainable packaging, has completed a $3.7 million seed raise. The round was led by Congruent Ventures along with Bread and Butter Ventures, Precursor Ventures, Incite Ventures, MCJ, and Berkeley SkyDeck.

Dispatch Goods says it successfully replaced 250,000 single-use plastics from the waste stream in 2021 as the brand continues its pledge to mitigate the impacts to our oceans and landfills.

“Our journey with Dispatch Goods began with my experiences as a surfer. I became increasingly concerned and infuriated by the mounting prevalence of microplastics on even the most remote beaches,” said CEO and Co-Founder Lindsey Hoell. “Achieving this milestone and closing our round truly validates our core strategy of taking a systems approach to reuse, instead of a product approach. Dispatch Goods has built a unique system that is similar to recycling, which enables businesses to recapture the value of packaging and customers to very easily participate in reuse.”

Since 2019, Dispatch Goods has provided its restaurant partners the unique opportunity to leverage completely reusable packaging without ever having to worry about the logistics of cleaning or return. Through this partnership, customers can order food off of DoorDash or through restaurants directly. Then, food is prepared and delivered in reusable bags and containers. Once they’ve finished their meal, customers can scan the QR code on the containers to schedule an at-home collection or deposit themselves at one of their return bins.

“The zero-waste movement is rapidly growing and we see circular packaging as an inevitable part of a sustainable future,” said Christina O’Conor, VP at Congruent Ventures. “Lindsey and Maia have demonstrated that they have the hustle, strategic insights, and passion to create new systems to support an infrastructure designed for reuse.”

Currently, Dispatch Goods has partnered with DoorDash, Imperfect Foods and 50 restaurants in the Bay Area, including popular spots like Bombera, Zuni Cafe, and Mixt Salads. Bombera alone has replaced 4,000 items from the waste stream since their launch with Dispatch Goods this past summer.

“Dispatch Goods is exactly the kind of business we need right now, creating alternatives to the endless amount of disposable packaging for an increasingly on-demand world,” said Adrian Grenier, a company advisor, activist and actor. “I’m happy to be supporting them and excited to see them soar.”

Dispatch Goods will use the new funding to expand geographically, grow their overall number of restaurant partnerships and explore additional packaging opportunities. Previous investors in Dispatch Goods include The Community Fund and First Course Capital.