Adobe Teams Up With Major League Baseball

SAN JOSE — Adobe has announced a major expansion of its partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) to reimagine fan engagement and continue to bring America’s favorite pastime to the next generation of fans – powered across Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Sign.

The partnership will allow MLB to bring new personalized, seamless experiences to its millions of fans. Fans will feel a part of the ballpark atmosphere from wherever they enjoy baseball – be it at home, on the go, or at the park itself. The league and its Clubs will be able to collaborate more seamlessly with advanced tools for signing contracts, sharing creative assets and engaging directly with their fans.

New, fan-friendly features can include personalized promotions and notifications tailored to individual fans – at the ballpark potentially highlighting which entrances will offer the fastest journey to their seats, VIP parking promotions or discounts on grab-and-go concessions. Fans who live outside their favorite team’s locale will also be able to receive alerts when their favorite club or player is in town, or get free trials for MLB.TV so they can watch games from the comfort of their couch or on the go.

MLB will be able to drive greater efficiency and fully digitize workflows that require an individual’s consent, approval or signature, such as player agreements and vendor contracts. As an added benefit, this is projected to save thousands of reams of paper every year – all powered by Adobe Document Cloud, including Adobe Sign. MLB and MLB Network, which already rely on Adobe Creative Cloud to create and deliver rich content on television and online, will be able to streamline content creation in the future and more seamlessly manage creative workflows with Adobe Workfront.

“MLB has long been a global leader in digital experiences among sports leagues, with a fan-first orientation across the web, mobile apps, and social media,” said Anil Chakravarthy, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Experience Business and Worldwide Field Operations at Adobe. “The expansion of the partnership will allow MLB to bring some truly personalized experiences to fans, made possible by millions of fan profiles built in real time.”

“We’ve gone out of our way to create digital tools to improve the fan experience,” said Chris Marinak, Chief Operations and Strategy Officer, Major League Baseball. “We’re bringing personalized experiences and information to fans so that they feel like we know who they are, who their favorite team is and who their favorite players are. Adobe’s breadth of enterprise applications allows us to deliver what fans want, where they want it – across dozens of channels.”