Apple Arcade Offers Dozen Games for Apple Vision Pro

Apple Arcade is offering a catalog of games for players to enjoy on Apple Vision Pro, the company’s new spatial computing device.

Spatial games built specifically for Arcade on Apple Vision Pro unlock new gameplay opportunities by blending digital content with the physical world. visionOS delivers powerful spatial experiences with a brand-new three-dimensional user interface and input system controlled entirely by a user’s eyes, hands, and voice. Players are able to slice apples with their hands as their living room transforms into their very own dojo in Super Fruit Ninja, tee up the perfect shot as they move freely around a quirky golf course right in their home in WHAT THE GOLF?, escape into a mesmerizing audiovisual experience in Synth Riders, and so much more.

“This is just the beginning of a new era in gaming, with players being fully immersed in stunning game worlds and interacting with games in their physical environment in amazing new ways,” said Alex Rofman, Apple’s senior director of Apple Arcade. “We’re leading the way in offering players unique spatial games on Apple Arcade that are only possible on Apple Vision Pro, and we’re excited to bring even more magical spatial gaming experiences to our customers soon.”

Apple Arcade costs $6.99 per month and a new Vision Pro is priced at $3,499.

“We’ve designed Game Room to provide the most authentic digital game night to date, with gaming experiences that are practically indistinguishable from their real-world counterparts,” said Tommy Palm, Resolution Games’ CEO and founder. “By reproducing classic gaming pieces that players can interact with in new ways, from playing cards to pawns, we’re excited to be able to showcase the incredible capability of Apple Vision Pro to deliver lifelike immersion in real-wold environments.”

Spatial games available now on Apple Arcade include Game Room, WHAT THE GOLF?, Cut the Rope 3, Jetpack Joyride 2, Patterned, Illustrated, Wylde Flowers, stitch., Synth Riders, LEGO Builder’s Journey, Bloons TD 6+, and Super Fruit Ninja.

Super Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios

Players are immersed in a new world of fruit-slicing fun as they cut up fruit with their hands, throw ninja stars, backhand bombs, and train in the powerful art of juice jitsu.

Synth Riders by Kluge Interactive

Turning the space around the player into a retro-futuristic world, this reimagined hit spatial rhythm game will have players catching notes with their hands, riding the rails, and dodging obstacles in the game’s brand-new audio-reactive spatial environment with dynamic visuals custom-built specifically for Apple Vision Pro.

Wylde Flowers by Studio Drydock Pty Ltd

In this cozy life and farming sim with a witchy twist, players can tend their garden and cast spells right in their living room, in addition to exploring the friendly town of Fairhaven and its charming voice-acted cast of characters.

WHAT THE GOLF? by Triband

A physics-based golf parody, this indie hit is fully designed for laughs in spatial gaming as players golf with horses, cars, houses, planets, and other extremely normal things. Mini-golf courses appear in the physical space, allowing for players to freely move around to tee up the perfect shot.

LEGO Builder’s Journey by LEGO

In this aesthetic and atmospheric geometric puzzle game set in a completely LEGO brick-based environment, players can pick up, twirl, and place LEGO bricks with their fingers as they solve puzzles brick by brick to progress through levels interconnected via subtle narrative storytelling.

stitch. by Lykke Studios

Thread embroidered puzzles on a 3D hoop in stitch., a beautiful and calming puzzle game, featuring a realistic embroidery engine that allows players to enjoy the feel of playing with real embroidery thread on Apple Vision Pro.

“We’ve rebuilt our beloved rhythm game Synth Riders for Apple Vision Pro from the ground up to deliver an even more immersive experience,” said Arturo Perez, Kluge Interactive’s CEO. “For the first time, players will interact with the notes and rails with unique hand tracking and interactive effects that let them feel the music in a whole new way as they lose themselves in the ‘flow state’ of a perfect combination of movement, visuals, and music.”

Players on Apple Vision Pro can expect more great content, with exciting spatial games coming soon, including Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, and Spire Blast. Players will soar above windswept dunes in a fantastical place far from home, dive into an immersive jungle with a family of gibbons, and collapse vibrant towers of all shapes and sizes that appear in their physical space in a fun physics-based puzzle game.

Coming Soon for Apple Vision Pro

  • Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City by Land & Sea/Snowman — Join Alto and his friends on an endless sandboarding journey to find The Lost City and unearth the secrets hidden within as Alto’s mysterious world intersects with the player’s room.
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees by Broken Rules — Embark on a beautiful, heartfelt adventure where a family of gibbons finds themselves lost in a dangerous world beyond their understanding. Players will experience free-flowing dynamic movement based on the way real gibbons swing through the trees.
  • Spire Blast by Orbital Knight — Mysterious towers of all shapes and sizes have risen all over the kingdom and are appearing in the player’s room. With an ever-hungry dragon companion, players will walk around the towers to line up their best shots and use their wits and skills to collapse them and emerge victorious.