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Expedock Hooks Up With $13.5 Million

SAN FRANCISCO — Expedock, a company using AI in the international freight software industry, has announced $13.5 million in Series A funding, bringing the company’s total amount raised to $17.5 million.

Insight Partners led the round, with participation from Motion Ventures as well as existing investors Pear and Neo and executives from Project 44, Salesforce, Meta, eBay, and Clearmetal. The round, which follows on the heels of the company’s $4 million seed and 12x growth in 2021, will be used to expand Expedock’s team to allow supply chain businesses to more efficiently understand and operationalize their data at scale.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global supply chain has fallen apart – and despite efforts by top supply chain businesses and even governments to find a solution, there are containers still waiting at US and global ports for weeks. Most recently, the current geopolitical conflict has made rerouting an even more difficult and expensive task. From a technology perspective the freight forwarding industry has long been behind. However, post-COVID bottlenecks and trends like remote work are now forcing the industry to play catch up, allowing those that adapt to break ahead of the competition. This is where Expedock comes in.

Expedock uses AI to transform paper documents into data, quickly classify them, and bring them into existing freight forwarder tools. The automation of invoices and statement of accounts, including their entry, reconciliation and posting, ensures on-time payment to vendors while also bringing accurate visibility to margins when billing shippers. Rather than spending half the day manually reviewing paperwork, supply chain experts can now focus on moving goods. The right automation partner will drive efficiency and profitability, reduce labor costs and keep up with today’s global shipper.

“Expedock is reinventing how supply chain businesses are able to harness their own data. Given our 600% growth this past year, we are going to do even better by bringing on engineers to expand our use-cases and our account executives to support more customers,” said King Alandy Dy, CEO of Expedock.

Expedock works with some of the largest brands in the global supply chain, including Wayfair, ClearFreight, JUSDA, and Ascent, a subsidiary of Roadrunner Freight. The company is also supported by ZEBOX, CMA CGM’s technology accelerator which helps cutting-edge technologies roll out within the organization.

“Expedock helped us gain visibility on our margins upon billing and pay our vendors on time. We previously had a rolling backlog of 3 weeks for invoice entry and audit. With Expedock, we no longer lose trucking capacity due to late vendor payments,” said Jack Chang of JUSDA. JUSDA facilitates logistics for Foxconn, Apple, Samsung, Sharp, Nokia and Cisco.