Instacart to Help Drivers That Get Tip Baited

Instacart, the nation’s leading grocery delivery service, announced a new plan to protect its delivery drivers from tip baiting. This is when an order features a tip (sometimes substantial) and then after delivery the customer reduces the tip to zero. This often infuriates drivers who have spent time shopping and delivering groceries for a customer when upfront Instacart pricing shows a larger amount including tip.

The company says it will reimburse drivers up to $10 if a customer reduces a tip to zero for no reason. Instacart customers can now change tips only two hours after delivery, reduced from 24 hours. Customers can still increase tips up to two weeks after orders.

Instacart also announced these features that could increase driver earnings.

  • Multi Store Batching – a new type of batch that includes orders from multiple stores, helping you earn more for your time and effort. By shopping from multiple stores, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more in less time, help additional customers, and earn multiple tips — all from a single batch.
  • Add Ons – Instacart has developed a feature that allows you to accept a new order in addition to the one you’re already shopping, making the most of your time in the store.

Instacart is also encouraging customers to increase tips for great service.

The company will begin prompting customers to consider increasing their tip anytime they rate a shopper 5 stars, as another way of recognizing great service from shoppers who go above and beyond. Through customer testing, Instacart reports a 6% increase in shoppers’ earnings from tips on eligible orders. At checkout, Instacart is also encouraging customers who choose not to leave a tip to add one to recognize their shopper’s hard work. In testing, this feature has resulted in a 12% reduction in customers choosing not to leave a tip. Each of these features is currently being rolled out to all customers and shoppers.