App Delivery Companies Launch New Industry Association – Flex

America’s leading app-based delivery platforms, representing more than 52 million workers nationwide, have joined together to form Flex, a new industry association that will serve as the voice of the app-based economy. Founding member companies include DoorDash, Gopuff, Grubhub, HopSkipDrive, Instacart, Lyft, Shipt, and Uber.

The association will lobby for the delivery industry on a range of issues affecting workers, consumers, businesses, and other stakeholders who comprise the app-based economy.

“Millions of businesses, communities, and workers count on app-based platforms every day. Flex will give a voice to an industry driving the new American economy forward,” said Kristin Sharp, CEO of Flex. “With innovative, app-based technology at our fingertips, we have an incredible opportunity to continue to solve problems. Whether it’s getting around town, shuttling kids to school, or just connecting people with dinner or the groceries they need, our member companies help seamlessly fill gaps in our day-to-day lives. That’s why it’s so important for Flex to advocate for the everyday heroes driving this economic evolution.”

Flex is immediately launching its first education campaign under the banner “Independence Works”. The ad buy in the Washington, DC metro area features real app-based workers who count on the independence and flexibility of platform work. Nationally, app-based workers work an average of eight hours per week, allowing them to earn extra money on their own terms.

“The flexibility of the app-based economy has completely transformed how people work, buy goods and services, and run their businesses,” Sharp said. “Flex gives them a voice at the policy-making table so they can continue to help drive the American economy forward. Our first campaign highlights the flexibility of app-based work and explains why it is so important to workers.”

Flex is led by workforce policy expert Kristin Sharp as CEO and former Columbia, SC Mayor Steve Benjamin as Board Chair. Flex’s Board of Directors is comprised of executive leadership from each member company.

“App-based work is open to all. Anyone can do it, and more and more people are choosing it because it breaks down barriers that often hold people back,” said Steve Benjamin, Board Chair of Flex. “Technology has redefined the way we work. Let’s replace antiquated policies with innovative solutions that support individual goals and businesses across our country.”

Based in Washington, DC, Flex will foster dialogue and understanding between app-based companies and public sector leaders while promoting policies that protect worker independence, expand flexible earning opportunities, foster local economic growth, address safety and sustainability, and expand access to essential services for millions of customers in communities across the United States.