The Rock, Jennifer Aniston Named Top Dream Workout Partners

Actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, has been chosen as America’s top celebrity dream workout partner in a survey by Life Time fitness centers.

The response is one of several from Life Time’s annual survey of nearly 1,000 people across the country to determine trends, fun insights, and habits in the health and wellness space as we enter 2022.

Life Time operates 150 fitness resorts in the U.S. and Canada.

The top responses to the question asking people to select or list their dream celebrity workout partner (or other category) included:

  • 19% Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
  • 15% Jennifer Aniston
  • 13% Jennifer Lopez
  • 9.1% Chris Hemsworth

“The Rock exudes positivity and hard work and both of those qualities breed results,” said Life Time Personal Trainer (and leader of its new 30×30 digital training programNick Sandoval when reviewing results from the survey. “Who wouldn’t want to work out with a partner like that?”

Other key data points in the survey indicate that 2021 was a more positive year for the health and fitness habits of many people compared to 2020. 40% of respondents said their health was better in 2021 compared against 2020 versus 23% who said their health had gotten worse. This is a significant improvement from Life Time’s 2020 survey when nearly 70% of respondents reported that their personal health was negatively impacted.

Top reasons cited by respondents for a healthier 2021 included:

  • Getting more exercise (38%)
  • Gyms/health clubs being open again (34.5%)
  • Improved nutrition habits (19%)

“People are working out more this year, which is incredible,” Sandoval says. “Simply improving your basic health through exercise can vastly improve your risk factors and when you feel better, you can do life better! That is priceless.”

The survey also asked participants to select or name their top 2022 health and wellness goal. The most popular responses were:

  • Lose weight (31%)
  • Build muscle (22%)
  • Eat better (13%)
  • Move more (13%)
  • Improve mental wellbeing (11%)

Other key responses in the survey include:

  • 50% said they preferred to exercise with a small or large workout group versus working out solo (46%)
  • 88% said exercise made them feel better than scrolling their social media.
  • 52% said they were sleeping less than the recommended 7-8 hours+ of sleep every night versus 46% getting the recommended amount
  • A quarter of respondents reported using an app or virtual meditation program in 2021 for stress relief and focus
  • The top music genre people listen to when they exercise? Pop/Top 40 (30%), rock (25%), hip hop (14%), country (6%)