Venmo Introduces Crypto Price Alerts

Venmo, the online payment service owned by PayPal, has introduced a new feature that will allow customers to set price alerts for the cryptocurrencies on the Venmo platform, to help them track the price of the four cryptocurrencies available to buy, hold and sell on Venmo.

Venmo customers can now enable alerts to receive push notifications when the selected cryptocurrency goes up or down by 5% or 10%, allowing them to stay informed when pricing shifts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Once enabled, customers will receive a notification when a crypto price increase or decrease meets their selected percentage threshold. With this new functionality, customers have an easy way to stay up to date on pricing changes as they continue to explore the world of crypto through Venmo.

To enable price alerts, customers can follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the crypto homepage by selecting the crypto button at the bottom of the Venmo app, select the cryptocurrency they’d like to track, then toggle the button next to “Price alerts.”
  • From there, customers can customize the alerts they’d like to receive and set push notifications to be sent when that cryptocurrency goes up or down by 5% or 10%. Customers will receive a maximum of two notifications when the price changes in a single direction within a 24-hour period for any cryptocurrency that they select to receive price alerts.

Customers can also enable alerts by choosing to opt-in when buying any of the four cryptocurrencies on Venmo, by checking the box on the “Review and Buy” page, or by navigating to Settings, then Push Notifications, and toggling Crypto Price Alerts. Customers can adjust or turn off these notifications at any time from the crypto homepage or from Settings.

Crypto price alerts will be available for all eligible customers in the coming weeks in the Venmo app. Crypto on Venmo was launched this past April.