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Calixa Raises $12 Million Series A

SAN FRANCISCO — Calixa, which operates a product-led growth Go-to-Market (GTM) platform, has raised $12 million in Series A funding led by Kleiner Perkins with new investors Salesforce Ventures and Twilio. Calixa will use the funds to aggressively hire across all functions.

“Today’s fastest growing software companies – Twilio, Slack, Calendly, Netlify – leverage a product-led GTM. They let users try products right away and put them in control of their buying journey,” said Thomas Schiavone, co-founder and CEO. “However, existing GTM tooling was built for a top-down sales motion and product-led companies are struggling to use these outdated tools. Calixa was built from the ground up for a sales-assisted product-led motion. It keeps GTM teams on the same page by providing a data-rich customer view and a workflow optimized for high velocity sales.”

“As one of Twilio’s first product managers, it’s in Thomas’ DNA to put customers first,” said Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio. “I’m confident in Thomas’ leadership and am proud to see him building a platform that enables companies to have a fundamentally better relationship with their customers. I’m excited to see what Thomas and the Calixa team build for product-led growth companies!”

Product-Led Growth is redefining how companies work with customers. The customer journey begins with a free signup and the account grows as the user and their teammates find value with the product. Companies struggle to stay on top of thousands of sign-ups that are all at different stages of their journey. To be successful, sales teams need to easily prioritize who to talk to, quickly get context on them, and effortlessly engage.

With the public launch of Calixa earlier this year, companies finally have a GTM tool purpose-built for Product-Led Growth. Software companies like Netlify, Voiceflow and Courier are relying on Calixa to power their product-led sales motion. Netlify’s Director of Sales Development, Devin Oliver, said that, “Calixa cuts down our time from insight to action. There is a huge efficiency and conversion gain with product qualified leads that Calixa identifies.”