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Spacelift Rises With $15 Million Series B

REDWOOD CITY — Spacelift has raised $15 million in Series B funding led by Insight Partners to scale its management platform for Infrastructure as Code in the US market. Existing investors Blossom Capital, Inovo Venture Partners, and Hoxton Ventures also participated in the round.

This new investment will allow Spacelift to quadruple its engineering team to accelerate product development and to build out its commercial team in the United States. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, CA and has an office in Warsaw, Poland.

Over the past few years, managing cloud infrastructure has become significantly more complex. The migration of infrastructures to the cloud has created an explosion in DevOps, but few overarching tools exist to help teams of developers safely manage infrastructure as code at scale. Spacelift has created a plug-and-play platform that allows IaC DevOps teams to: define standardized infrastructures; understand their resources; build policies directly into their workflows and code; synchronize code across multiple projects and/or repositories; automatically detect and remediate resource drift, track lifecycle and cost of every managed resource; and take advantage of advanced workflow delegations and autonomous project teams.

“With the growth of cloud-native development and DevOps practices, infrastructure as code has become the standard way to provision infrastructure, and Spacelift is addressing an acute need around infrastructure as code management, automation, and security and compliance,” said Josh Zelman, Vice President at Insight Partners. “Spacelift enables developers and DevOps teams to more easily and effectively manage infrastructure across all platforms. In speaking with DevOps teams within the Insight portfolio, we continuously heard about this need and the strength of the Spacelift platform. Insight is thrilled to partner with Spacelift and support its ScaleUp efforts in its next phase of growth.”

Spacelift is the only IaC management solution that extends IaC DevOps to encompass the complete set of IaC frameworks including Terraform, Pulumi and CloudFormation, with Ansible coming soon. Offering a consolidated approach to IaC is beneficial to engineering teams in large corporations that have been acquiring smaller companies that bring different infrastructures and to smaller but diverse organizations aiming to empower application developers.

Marcin Wyszynski, co-founder and CEO at Spacelift, said: “Since we’ve founded Spacelift, we’ve seen a Cambrian explosion of new tools designed for teams to make the most of their cloud – ranging from cost management to audit to proactive security. Hence our vision of providing the most flexible and extensible platform for infrastructure and policy as-code is now more relevant than ever before. By using Spacelift, our customers get the whole cloud management story in one convenient package.”

Pawel Hytry, co-founder and COO at Spacelift, said: “Over the past few years, IT organizations relied on generic CI/CD tools, open-source components and custom-made solutions to manage their infrastructure. With increasing infrastructure complexity and development of infrastructure as code, this approach proves unscalable and error-prone. Spacelift addresses the issues of scaling and infrastructure complexity by providing a robust, specialized management platform for infrastructure as code. We are eager to partner with Insight Partners and benefit from their experience in the developer tools space.”