Toyota Camry Goes All-Hybrid

GEORGETOWN, KY — Workers at Toyota’s longest-running U.S. vehicle manufacturing facility cheered as the ninth-generation Camry rolled off the assembly line for the first time. The 2025 Camry is powered exclusively with the fifth-generation Toyota Hybrid System, part of Toyota’s multi-pathway approach to electrification.

“Today would not be possible without our incredibly talented team members,” said Kerry Creech, president of Toyota Kentucky. “Starting production of the new Camry is another proof point that Toyota is committed to providing secure employment and has been for nearly four decades. We continue to stay true to that promise by reinvesting profits in this plant and preparing our team members for future production opportunities, including a variety of electrified vehicles.”

Toyota Kentucky and the popular Camry have become synonymous, with more than 11 million assembled to date and over $10 billion invested in the plant and local communities. This milestone not only speaks to the popularity of the Camry, it’s also a testament to the nearly 10,000 team members who build them each day and Toyota’s commitment to long-term job stability.

“I feel blessed for the many years I have spent with Toyota and am proud of all the great things we have achieved,” said Markee Robinson, production team leader. “While our plant continues to grow and change, I am confident that Toyota will continue to provide job stability and secure employment for decades to come, just as they have for me and my family.”

In 1988, the first Kentucky-produced Camry created a buzz, and today, the new generation is still turning heads with a stylish new look, more power, great fuel efficiency, and an even more enjoyable driving experience.

Toyota’s most recent $1.3 billion investment in the Georgetown facility further boosts electrification efforts, including the assembly of an all-new, three row battery electric SUV for the U.S. market. The new vehicle supports Toyota’s multi-path approach to provide customers options for electrified products that best suit individual needs now and in the future.

Toyota has announced new investments totaling more than $18.6 billion into its U.S. manufacturing operations since 2021 to support electrification efforts.