Panera Bread Hit by Massive National Outage

The Panera Bread chain has been hit by a massive tech outage that has knocked out the company’s computer systems affecting orders nationwide.

Panera’s website and app have been down since Saturday morning and not able to accept orders. It’s unclear if the company has been hit by a cyber attack or if it is having internal technical issues.

A Panera rep on Twitter said IT staff are working on the problem and it is temporary but systems continue to be down for a second straight day.

Panera stores remain open and are still trying to serve walk-in customers at the counter. Even store kiosks have been unable to process orders.

According to Reddit, Panera stores have been affected around the country and unable to process orders including gift cards, member rewards and online orders. Even Doordash ordering is currently not available for delivery at Panera.

Store managers are also unable to access internal systems to see employee scheduling and to track sales. Panera’s free Wi-fi network in stores has also been affected.

Panera Bread is based in St. Louis and has over 2,000 locations nationwide. It is owned by JAB Holding.