CEO Arrested for Peeping in Panera Bathroom

Mountain View detectives are seeking additional victims after a Palo Alto-based tech CEO was found peeping inside a woman’s restroom stall on Monday morning.

Around 11:40 am on Jan. 2, Mountain View dispatchers received a call from a woman after an incident inside the woman’s restroom at the Panera on El Monte Avenue. While in the restroom, the victim heard another person in the stall next to her and then saw a man stick his head underneath the stall to look at her inside the stall. The woman screamed at the man who then ran out of the restroom and the restaurant. The victim chased the man, later identified as 35-year-old Eduardo Moreno, and confronted him near El Camino Real.

Moreno is the CEO of SeaDrone, a Palo Alto-company that specializes in underwater drones that are used to inspect ships. His LinkedIn profile was recently deleted.

The woman tried to take a photo of Moreno in the Panera restaurant, but he grabbed her phone and pushed her to the ground before running off toward Marich Way. He was spotted taking his shirt off and jumping a fence before returning to Panera, where he was tackled by a group of bystanders as responding patrol officers arrived.

The victim was able to identify Moreno as the man in the restroom and Moreno was subsequently arrested for robbery and peeping. Moreno was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail. Detectives continue to investigate this case and are concerned that Moreno may have additional victims.