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Apple Now Worth Over $2.94 Trillion

Shares in Apple continued to hit record highs and closed at $179.45 on Friday, up $4.89. The Cupertino company is now worth $2.94 trillion and closing in on the magical $3 trillion number.

No company has ever traded at a value over $3 trillion and Apple could be the first one in history. If shares can climb just $3 next week over $182.45, Apple would break the $3 trillion mark.

Apple shares are up 38% this year while the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 19%. Apple is one of the 30 components that make up the Dow average.

Morgan Stanley raised its price target for Apple stock earlier this week to $200 and gave the stock an overweight rating.

Microsoft is the second-largest most valuable company with a $2.57 trillion market cap. Microsoft shares were up $9.44 Friday to close at $342.54.