Patelco Credit Union Promises to Reimburse ATM Fees

Patelco Credit Union is still undergoing login problems due to a ransomware attack on its systems that began last week.

The company says that ATM fees for cash withdrawals at non-Patelco ATMs will be reimbursed when systems are back up.

Erin Mendez, CEO of Patelco, posted online that cyber security specialists have validated and greenlighted the credit union’s core systems and that customer money is safe and secure. Cyber security professionals are continuing the larger forensic investigation on all Patelco’s file systems.

Mendez wrote that members can still use Venmo and PayPal. Additionally, if you have a loan through Patelco, you will not be penalized, incur fees, or be penalized because of missed payments while systems are down.

There is no information on when Patelco customers can login and gain access to their accounts.

Patelco serves communities across Northern California, including the Bay Area, Sacramento and San Jose, as well as the employees of over 1,100 large and small businesses throughout the United States.