AWS to Offer NVIDIA Blackwell GPU Platform

SAN JOSE Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, and NVIDIA announced that the new NVIDIA Blackwell GPU platform is coming to AWS.

AWS will offer the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip and B100 Tensor Core GPUs, extending the companies’ longstanding strategic collaboration to deliver the most secure and advanced infrastructure, software, and services to help customers unlock new generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

NVIDIA and AWS continue to bring together the best of their technologies, including NVIDIA’s newest multi-node systems featuring the next-generation NVIDIA Blackwell platform and AI software, AWS’s Nitro System and AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) advanced security, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) petabit scale networking, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) UltraCluster hyper-scale clustering. Together, they deliver the infrastructure and tools that enable customers to build and run real-time inference on multi-trillion parameter large language models (LLMs) faster, at massive scale, and at a lower cost than previous-generation NVIDIA GPUs on Amazon EC2.

“The deep collaboration between our two organizations goes back more than 13 years, when together we launched the world’s first GPU cloud instance on AWS, and today we offer the widest range of NVIDIA GPU solutions for customers,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO at AWS. “NVIDIA’s next-generation Grace Blackwell processor marks a significant step forward in generative AI and GPU computing. When combined with AWS’s powerful Elastic Fabric Adapter Networking, Amazon EC2 UltraClusters’ hyper-scale clustering, and our unique Nitro system’s advanced virtualization and security capabilities, we make it possible for customers to build and run multi-trillion parameter large language models faster, at massive scale, and more securely than anywhere else. Together, we continue to innovate to make AWS the best place to run NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud.”

“AI is driving breakthroughs at an unprecedented pace, leading to new applications, business models, and innovation across industries,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Our collaboration with AWS is accelerating new generative AI capabilities and providing customers with unprecedented computing power to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Latest innovations from AWS and NVIDIA accelerate training of cutting-edge LLMs that can reach beyond 1 trillion parameters

AWS will offer the NVIDIA Blackwell platform, featuring GB200 NVL72, with 72 Blackwell GPUs and 36 Grace CPUs interconnected by fifth-generation NVIDIA NVLink™. When connected with Amazon’s powerful networking (EFA), and supported by advanced virtualization (AWS Nitro System) and hyper-scale clustering (Amazon EC2 UltraClusters), customers can scale to thousands of GB200 Superchips. NVIDIA Blackwell on AWS delivers a massive leap forward in speeding up inference workloads for resource-intensive, multi-trillion parameter language models.

Based on the success of the NVIDIA H100-powered EC2 P5 instances, which are available to customers for short durations through Amazon EC2 Capacity Blocks for ML, AWS plans to offer EC2 instances featuring the new B100 GPUs deployed in EC2 UltraClusters for accelerating generative AI training and inference at massive scale. GB200s will also be available on NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, an AI platform co-engineered on AWS, that gives enterprise developers dedicated access to the infrastructure and software needed to build and deploy advanced generative AI models. The Blackwell-powered DGX Cloud instances on AWS will accelerate development of cutting-edge generative AI and LLMs that can reach beyond 1 trillion parameters.