News and Supermicro Team Up to Launch Zero Gap AI

Vapor IO and Supermicro are launching a new collaboration called Zero Gap AI, powered by the NVIDIA MGX platform with the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip. Zero Gap AI is a unique 5G- and AI-as-a-Service platform, operated by Vapor IO, that delivers private 5G and GPU-based micro-clouds to specific locations, directly adjacent to where the capabilities are needed, such as next to retail storefronts, factory floors, and city intersections. The platform makes it possible to deliver hyperlocal AI services over private wired and wireless networks without running servers on premises. By offering extremely fast response times, reduced reliance on centralized computing, and the ability to handle sensitive data locally, Zero Gap AI can help transform how enterprises and municipalities utilize AI.

The core of Zero Gap AI is built around Supermicro servers that implement the NVIDIA MGX platform with the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, which has a breakthrough design that forms a high-bandwidth connection between the NVIDIA Grace CPU and the NVIDIA Hopper architecture-based GPU for high-performance accelerated computing and AI servers. These high-performance servers are being deployed in specific geographies across Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform, which is currently available in 36 U.S. cities. The optimized design of Supermicro’s NVIDIA MGX server portfolio makes it easy to support a wide variety of use cases, from real-time inferencing to supercomputing at the edge. The Supermicro MGX servers with the GH200 Superchip can support 5G and AI running on the same machine. This flexibility makes it possible to optimize Zero Gap AI offerings for different use cases.

“Our customers have made it clear they want comprehensive solutions,” says Cole Crawford, Vapor IO’s founder and CEO. “Until now, the challenge has been the high costs and complexities of creating AI clusters in precise locations, not to mention managing the intricate dance of AI orchestration. For those aiming to achieve real-time inferencing, Zero Gap AI presents the ideal architecture. By eliminating the need for onsite AI and 5G hardware and leveraging private fiber from nearby access points, we’re simplifying the process and cutting costs, enabling a seamless adoption and expansion of AI capabilities for businesses and municipalities alike.”

By combining hyperlocal AI-as-a-Service with private networking, Zero Gap AI is unlocking new, cost-effective ways to deliver AI services at scale. For example,

  • A multi-location retailer can use Zero Gap AI to deploy an AI-driven automated checkout system without putting expensive AI equipment in each store.
  • A municipality can use Zero Gap AI computer vision services to deploy a pedestrian safety capability to hundreds of busy intersections without putting equipment on every corner.
  • A manufacturer can use Zero Gap AI real-time inferencing to support highly reliable factory IoT, reducing risk and lowering capital expenditures.

The companies expect to see a lot of demand for Zero Gap AI from the following verticals: smart cities, healthcare, retail, warehouse and logistics, hospitality, transportation, public venues, and manufacturing.

“Supermicro is excited to collaborate with Vapor IO and their Zero Gap AI platform,” said Don Clegg, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales, Supermicro. “Leveraging Supermicro’s NVIDIA MGXTM system portfolio combined with Vapor IO’s 5G- and AI-as-a-Service can bring AI processing power and 5G to the intelligent edge. Companies that embrace this technology will have a competitive advantage in the market.”