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AiDash Lands $50 Million

SAN JOSE — AiDash, an enterprise SaaS company making critical infrastructure industries climate-resilient and more sustainable with satellites and AI, has received $50 million in funding, bringing the total raised to date to $83 million. The Series C round was oversubscribed, indicative of growing investor interest in proven, scalable, and effective climate technologies.

Investment firm Lightrock led AiDash’s funding round, with Partner Ashish (Ash) Puri joining the company’s board of directors. SE Ventures, a global venture fund backed by Schneider Electric, also participated in the round, alongside all of AiDash’s previous investors, including G2 Venture Partners, Benhamou Global Ventures, National Grid Partners, Edison International, Shell Ventures, and additional strategic investors. Funds will be used to fuel growth as AiDash anticipates nearly doubling its team of 300 over the next two years. The company will also establish a European headquarters and continue to expand internationally to meet growing demand.

This funding round comes amid a surge in demand for AiDash’s suite of satellite-first products, including its Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS), which enables utilities to identify vegetation risks before they damage the grid and optimize maintenance cycles, and its Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS), an essential tool for organizations seeking to comply with the UK’s mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain laws introduced under the Environment Act 2021. In addition to growing interest in the U.S. and the UK, AiDash is gaining growth momentum in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The company has more than 150 customers worldwide and has been more than doubling its annual recurring revenue (ARR) every year since the company’s inception in 2019.

“Our aging infrastructure is breaking under the strain of environmental change, putting lives at risk,” said Abhishek Singh, Co-founder and CEO of AiDash. “Better tools and technologies are required to manage this growing risk and its potential future impact. Our combination of satellite technology and AI is capable of managing this risk and safeguarding at-risk systems, like those managed by utility companies which often span huge geographical areas. With this funding, we look forward to expanding our reach and bringing the benefits of AiDash to more markets.”

“AiDash’s full-stack software suite delivers significant ROI for customers and positive impact for companies, communities, people, and the climate,” added Ash Puri, Partner at Lightrock. “As the effects of the climate emergency grow more severe, so will the need for software solutions like AiDash that can safeguard the huge number of geographically distributed assets, enabling customers to provide reliable service to their clients, and meet their regulatory obligations while also reducing risk from extreme weather, wildfires, and habitat destruction.”

AiDash provides five different end-to-end applications with workflows designed for different use cases that immediately create business value. These include: Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS) for electric utilities and others to manage vegetation risk along rights-of-way and improve grid resiliency; Intelligent Sustainability Management System (ISMS) for land and construction, water and wastewater, government agencies, and others to meet their Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and carbon goals; CRIS, the Climate Risk Intelligence System for electric utilities and other industries to increase their climate resiliency by accurately forecasting outages caused by storms and wildfires, assessing damages quickly, restoring services safely, and communicating effectively; IEMS, the Integrity and Encroachment Management System for gas utilities to improve reliability and safety by mitigating pipeline integrity risks like vegetation overgrowth, illegal construction, forest clearings, erosion and land use changes; and Remote Inspection and Monitoring System (RIMS) helps industries inspect and monitor their critical infrastructure, such as roads and railroads.

Each application is powered by AiDash’s satellite-first platform that uses imagery from the world’s largest and best satellite data providers, combined with other data and its own AI. Its AI system has been trained on diverse vegetation and climate conditions from 48 of the 50 U.S. states. Additionally, it is capable of using detailed satellite imagery to assess the current condition of infrastructure assets and how they are likely to degrade in the future, providing a significant advantage to customers who can now address issues before they become problems.