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Anvil Raises $5 Million Series A Extension

SAN FRANCISCO — Anvil, a paperwork automation platform, has raised a $5 million Series A extension, for a total $10 million Series A with participation from Craft Ventures and Gradient Ventures.

Anvil enables businesses working with documents to be data- companies. Paperwork is at the core of business transactions; every day millions of forms and documents are shared, filled out, signed, and processed. PDFs, the rigid digital artifacts of paperwork are error-prone, insecure, and tedious to work with. The value of a document lies in the data contained within it, highlighting a serious problem: the data is inseparable from the document, even in the case of PDFs.

The Anvil Platform enables paperwork automation with a data-first approach. Anvil’s APIs and no-code tools allow anyone to collect data, generate PDFs, and gather signatures within any application. Since its initial release, the Anvil Platform has seen significant expansion of capabilities. Anvil’s point-and-click tooling has gained powerful new features like conditional logic, lists, hidden fields and multi-field editing. To serve the largest customers, Anvil has added key enterprise capabilities like SSO, custom CSS white labeling, detailed audit trails, multiple API keys, and the ability to embed our Workflow and Template Builders. With these advancements, Anvil has seen an acceleration in technology companies adopting its platform as a key part of their product infrastructure.

“The Anvil Platform makes it easier than ever to move beyond paperwork,” says Mang-Git Ng, Founder and CEO of Anvil. “We provide the underlying components that can be assembled using our point-and-click interface or APIs. Now, every business from fast-growing startups to large enterprises can have the tools they need to do more with better technology. Anvil enables them to digitize any paperwork into a TurboTax-like experience and embrace the transition into a data-first economy, while maintaining backwards compatibility with PDFs.”

Since launching, Anvil’s technology has automated PDF form filling, data sharing, and e-signatures across a variety of industries. Leading-edge insurtechs like Ascend and Vouch have leveraged Anvil’s technology to quickly launch dozens of new insurance products in months. By integrating Anvil’s Workflows directly into their own application or Salesforce instance, they’ve ensured full internal adoption and a seamless client experience. Anvil has also seen success in Human Resources, helping Seso Labor create a platform for hiring and onboarding thousands of H2-A every year.

“After running into Anvil in the wild multiple times, it became clear that they were solving a massive problem,” says Brian Murray, Partner and COO at Craft Ventures. “So much of the information on the internet is still stuck in PDFs. Upgrading those workflows from PDF scans to APIs will unblock developers, let businesses move faster, and make customers happier.”