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Ganymede Bio Reels in $12.75 Million Series A

PALO ALTO — Ganymede Bio, the cloud infrastructure provider built for the life sciences and manufacturing industries, has raised a $12.75 million Series A funding round, led by Caffeinated Capital. This follows a $2.9 million seed round completed earlier this year, bringing the total to over $15.6 million. Founded in 2022, the company has exceeded $1 million in revenue commitments, with clients ranging from early-stage biotechs to large, established biopharmaceutical companies.

“Scientific software, especially for biotechs, is 10 to 20 years behind other industries,” said Nathan Clark, co-founder of Ganymede Bio. “We have built a platform that allows rapid coding integrations between instruments and apps like LIMS or MES, generates a singular data lake in a harmonized format, and fits modularly into any client tech stack—integrating natively with existing clouds in AWS or GCP or Azure. This makes data and operations visible to management and analysis-ready for machine learning or digital twins.”

Ganymede’s data platform is powered by its revolutionary Lab-as-Code core technology. It enables scientists and bioinformaticians to write their own real-time integrations and scientific analysis in a low-code cloud IDE by directly connecting to any lab instrument or scientific software, ultimately bringing entire labs and manufacturing sites onto the cloud—and fast. Ganymede also offers end-to-end enterprise services and builds custom integrations for clients.

“Ganymede’s speed and flexibility in integrating instruments through Lab-as-Code has been incredibly powerful for us,” said Angelo Stracquatanio, CEO and founder of Apprentice, one of Ganymede’s earliest partners. “We’re proud to be partnering across biopharma manufacturing and R&D to get therapeutics to patients faster than ever.”

Ganymede has also added Varun Gupta of Caffeinated Capital to its board of directors. “Lab-as-Code is an incredible technology. There is no option out there other than Ganymede on which biotechs can self-service build their integrations unless they want to build from scratch on AWS or GCP. The team’s rapid progress in working with both small and large biotechs has been incredible, but isn’t surprising given the size of the opportunity, the desperate need from the market, and the speed at which the Ganymede team develops,” said Gupta.

The company’s founding team has experience in many industries, including machine learning, financial services, life sciences, automation and robotics, consumer technology, and biomedical research. Their combined expertise enables them to apply their deep understanding of the key data challenges in the life sciences, and develop solutions with the same simplicity, depth of functionality, and transformative potential typically seen only in consumer-facing applications.

“We like to say we give superpowers to scientists so they can waste less time on moving data around and instead spend more time on analyzing data and deriving novel insights,” added Alan Chramiec, Ph.D., founding scientist of Ganymede Bio. “The scientific process at its core involves piecing together data from multiple instruments and sources, and we finally give scientists the tool to centralize all their data and automate these efforts. We’re making the lab of the future attainable today.”