Doordash Lays Off 311 Workers in San Francisco, 75 in LA

Doordash, the nation’s leading food delivery service, has laid off 311 workers at its headquarters in San Francisco according to a WARN filing with the state of California.

The company had announced it would cut 1,250 jobs on November 30. Another 75 were cut at its Los Angeles offices according to a separate WARN filing. Layoffs also affected Wolt, a delivery service in Finland that was bought by Doordash this year but it’s unknown how many job cuts were made overseas.

The job cuts are all effective by March 1, 2023.

The cuts only apply to corporate workers and not to Doordash’s delivery drivers — also known as dashers.

Doordash has yet to turn a profit and its stock value has dropped nearly 65% in 2022.

CEO Tony Xu blamed layoffs on hiring too many workers during the pandemic. Xu said laid off workers will receive the following:

  • Pay + RSU vest: Anyone impacted will receive 17 weeks (13 weeks + 1 four-week lump sum severance pay) of compensation, as well as your February 2023 stock vest.
  • Healthcare: All health benefits will continue through March 31, 2023. Thereafter, employees will be able to opt in and pay for COBRA coverage for up to 18 months.
  • Immigration support: The termination date will be set for March 1, 2023, giving those with visa applications (and a desire to stay in the US) as much time as possible to find a new job.
  • Career transition: The company has created an opt-in directory for companies to reach laid off workers and offer recruiting support to help them find their next job.