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CelLink Scores $250 Million Series D

Founded in 2012, the company has raised over $315 million to date.

“CelLink was originally founded with the goal of developing a new type of interconnect for solar panels. To see this core technology evolve into an entirely new product class that is accelerating the transition away from fossil fuel-based transportation, with amazing customers buying our products and world-class investors supporting our growth, is a dream come true,” said Kevin Coakley, co-founder and CEO of CelLink. “We are particularly excited about the deep convictions that our new investors have about the future of the automotive industry. These investors share in our belief that the traditional wire harness industry needs to be disrupted in order for the transition to electric vehicles to fully occur.”

In automotive mass production since 2019, CelLink products are already on the road in hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles today. This latest round of funding enables a massive expansion to meet rapidly-growing customer demand, including the construction of a new 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Texas, set to open in mid-2022. CelLink is also further expanding its team of engineers and technology experts at both its San Carlos, CA HQ and Novi, MI sales and engineering facility, as well as establishing a European-based team to service a growing list of international customers.

With the ability to combine multiple legacy product functionalities into a single flex harness, CelLink products reduce traditional wire harness weight by more than 70% and spatial volume by more than 90%. Pre-integration of flex harnesses with other vehicle electronics such as electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, and modules allows for more modular and automated vehicle assembly. And with zero design-specific tooling, instantaneous and virtually capital-free design changes become a reality for just-in-time manufacturing, reducing design revision cycles from months to a matter of days.

Today, CelLink’s unique, high-power, large-area flex harness technology is reshaping automotive electrical architectures while simultaneously lowering the cost and weight of vehicles. Tomorrow, CelLink’s technology will grow beyond passenger automotive, solving similar challenges in commercial vehicles, aerospace, off-highway, agriculture, military vehicles, marine, industrial applications and more.

“With electric vehicles becoming standard over the next decade, we are excited about CelLink’s unique flexible harness technology and fast-paced, innovative culture,” said Nic Galat, semiconductor and clean tech investor at Whale Rock Capital. “We are thrilled to support CelLink in their journey towards becoming a premier next-gen automotive supplier.”