Roku Adds 15 Free Live Streaming Channels

Streaming platform Roku announced it has added a lineup of 15 new live channels. From national news and holiday movie favorites to Spanish language and sports, the new channels can be streamed live on The Roku Channel.

Roku is also rolling out an updated version of the GQ Channel, the ultimate destination for all things cool. This refreshed channel will offer even more access into today’s coolest actors, musicians, athletes, comedians and more.

Roku now has over 200 live streaming channels available.

Here are the new channels now streaming on The Roku Channel:

  • GQ Channel: GQ’s channel gets you inside the minds of the coolest actors, musicians, athletes, comedians, and beyond.
  • Holiday Movie Favorites by Lifetime: Get into the holiday spirit with your favorite Lifetime Holiday Movies. It’s the channel that keeps on giving.
  • LiveNOW from FOX: Raw & unfiltered. Non-stop breaking news & live events.
  • Midsomer Murders: In the UK’s leading drama export, murder and mysteries are investigated by two detectives in a quaint county with a staggering death toll…
  • NHRA: Witness American Drag Racing as the NHRA brings you the fastest most explosive motorsports content on the planet.
  • Nosey Escandalos: Betrayal! Infidelity! Who’s the Father? Discover the drama and truth with Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Judge Dad! (Spanish Language channel)
  • Origin Sports: The best in sports before they were stars. Great players, great plays, and great games driven by today’s storylines.
  • PowerNation en Español: Powernation brings you muscle cars, horsepower-fueled engine builds, trucks, off-road, and more! (Spanish Language channel)
  • Qwest TV Classical: The classic Jazz music universe in all its glory, brought to you by Quincy Jones.
  • Qwest TV Jazz and Beyond: Quincy Jones invites you to explore the very best in jazz and related music.
  • Qwest TV Mix: Beats for your body, grooves for your soul. Quincy Jones’ hub for global, mixed music.
  • Swerve Sports: “Swerve is the first free service focused on sports storytelling,” featuring documentaries, films, and personality-driven digital content.
  • Tayo+: Tayo+ brings fun children/family contents live with all your favorite characters, colorful songs and heartwarming stories! Play and learn with Tayo+ at any time!
  • The Country Network: The Country Network provides today’s Country music enthusiasts with more choices in televised and digital programming.
  • True History Channel: True History provides unique perspectives on the moments, places, and people that have shaped modern life.,
  • Vox: The Vox Channel takes you from curiosity to a better understanding of the world around you.