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Blackstone Invests $50 Million in Ample

Ample, a battery technology company in San Francisco, has raised an additional $50 million in funding from Blackstone Group along with Spanish bank Banco Santander.

The company has raised over $280 million to date.

Ample uses Modular Battery Swapping to deliver a full charge (100%) in under 10 minutes, 3 times faster than charging. It works with any electric vehicle and dramatically reduces the cost and time it takes to install EV infrastructure.

Recently, Ample extended its partnership with Uber, which will bring Ample’s battery swapping technology to EV drivers across Europe. Uber in Europe is targeting to fully electrify cars on it’s platform by 2030. In addition, Uber aims to reach an average of 50% EV Kms in 7 European capitals, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon by 2025. The collaboration will provide drivers in Uber’s European fleet with access to Ample autonomous battery swapping stations that create economic opportunities for their drivers and environmental benefits for their communities.

Ample has the additional benefit of being able to capture wind and solar power when it’s available, and then dispense that energy to EVs when needed.