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Trademo Reels In $12.5 Million Seed Round

PALO ALTO — Trademo, a global supply chain intelligence company, has secured $12.5 million in seed round funding. Trademo is building a global supply chain knowledge graph to help global-trade participants discover new opportunities, remain compliant with regulations, build operationally resilient supply chains, and grow commerce.

Investors include Silicon Valley venture capitalists Amit Singhal (former SVP Google), Saama Capital, Neeraj Arora (former Chief Business Officer of WhatsApp), Sridhar Ramaswamy (Founder/CEO Neeva and former SVP Google) and Shalabh Singhal (founder/CEO Trademo).

“Global trade and supply chains have become increasingly complex over time. It’s very difficult for a large majority of businesses to manage this complexity and avoid disruptions without using external intelligence,” said Ash Lilani, Managing Partner, Saama Capital. “When 70% of companies reporting issues monitoring supply chains last year, Trademo’s solution comes at the right time and is using the right technology and approach to crack one of the most important problems of our times.”

According to a recent report by consulting firm AlixPartners, global automakers alone could lose $210 billion in revenue this year because of supply chain disruptions, nearly double what was forecasted earlier this year. White House officials are keeping an eye on analysts who estimate the chip shortage could cut nearly a percentage point from the gross domestic product (GDP) growth this year. It’s resulted in waves of production shutdowns which have hurt hundreds of thousands of American workers employed in manufacturing jobs across the automotive and heavy trucking sector.

Global supply chains have rapidly become the foundation of our modern economy. Disruptions in global supply chains are evident from recent events like COVID-19, the Suez Canal blockage and semiconductor shortages. Periodic trade disputes and environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns have further complicated supply chain management for every importer and exporter.

Trademo collects public and private data on global trade transactions, restricted parties, tariffs, ESG and adverse media events using its proprietary algorithms. Trademo further connects and performs advanced data processing on billions of data points using technologies like graph database, NLP and machine learning to build end-to-end visibility on global supply chains.

“We are thrilled to partner with world-class investors who have built and funded some of the most successful data-centered organizations on the planet. We are building a deep tech company and wanted partners who can appreciate the value of products on top of a central global supply chain knowledge graph,” said Shalabh Singhal, Founder and CEO, Trademo. “Trademo will use these funds to invest in our products and  team and accelerate our vision of providing end-to-end supply chain visibility, compliance and commerce solutions for global-trade participants.”