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Sisu Raises $62 Million Series C

SAN FRANCISCO — Sisu, a platform that helps companies make better decisions with their data, has raised $62 million in Series C funding round led by Green Bay Ventures and with participation from existing investors a16z and NEA and new investor Geodesic Capital. The new funding brings Sisu’s total capital raised to over $128 million and will accelerate the company’s continued growth and investment in closing the gap between data that is collected and data that is used in decision-making.

Sisu also announced Explorations and Dashboards, two new capabilities that will allow businesses to accelerate the process of data-informed decision making.

“Sisu is creating a new way for organizations to not only analyze their data, but actually use it to make the best decisions in improving the operations, profitability, and success of their business,” said Anthony Schiller, co-managing director of Green Bay Ventures. “This investment recognizes Sisu’s amazing growth and massive forward potential, and will help the company continue to grow both its team and product suite to empower businesses of all kinds to be data driven.”

Over the past year, Sisu said it has nearly doubled its headcount, more than tripled its revenue, and saw strong customer traction. The company currently works with a range of businesses including Mastercard, Samsung, Upwork, Wayfair, and Gusto to optimize their metrics for growth, revenue and incident rate.

“We’re excited to continue partnering with Sisu as they accelerate growth and transform the way companies use data,” said Pete Sonsini, Sisu board member and general partner at NEA. “As founding investors in Tableau, which democratized dashboarding and Business Intelligence, we see Sisu as a driving force of a new wave of analytics for cloud data. As businesses continue to collect and organize more data in the cloud, there’s an unprecedented need for new tools that are easier, more scalable, and more intuitive than ever before.”

With Sisu’s Decision Intelligence Engine, analysts and business leaders alike can quickly and comprehensively leverage their cloud data to understand what’s happening in their business, why it’s happening, and how to take action. The launch of Explorations and Dashboards takes the company a step closer to its goal of closing the Decision Gap: the space between the data that’s collected, stored, and organized in modern organizations and the data that’s actually utilized to make decisions.

“Today, businesses have massive amounts of complex data, but not enough time, people, or the right tools to analyze it – that’s the massive problem Sisu is working to solve,” said Peter Bailis, CEO and founder of Sisu. “This financing in combination with the launch of Explorations and Dashboards allows us to further our goal of redefining how business decisions are made by empowering everyone to better understand what’s happening to their businesses, why it’s happening, and what actions to take in response.”

Explorations allow Sisu users to quickly and easily dig into, pivot, and visualize metrics, without requiring code; Dashboards permit users to view explorations, track metric changes, and share key data drivers with colleagues and executives. The integration of these tools with Sisu’s existing analysis capabilities creates an industry-first experience where analysts and business leaders are able to seamlessly transition between analyzing what has happened in their business to why it has happened, and what to do about it – all on a single platform and without writing any code. Early users of Sisu dashboards and explorations at companies such as Gusto and Ro shared excitement about the new capabilities and reported using them to monitor, investigate, and share metrics with executive staff.