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New Airbnb Hosts Made $9,600 in 2021

Airbnb released data last month about new hosts on its rental network. Hosts in the US, who welcomed their first guests in the first six months of 2021 and have only one listing, have collectively made millions of dollars hosting on Airbnb.

Half of new listings that were both activated and booked in early 2021 got a reservation request within four days, and the average annual earnings per Host who had welcomed at least one guest was $9,600.

The company also identified the top 10 most profitable areas for new Airbnb Hosts with only one listing in the US for the first half of 2021:

  1. Atlanta: $8.5 million 
  2. South Florida Gulf Coast:  $8 million 
  3. Phoenix: $6.3 million 
  4. Los Angeles: $6.2 million 
  5. North Carolina Coast:  $4 million 
  6. Smoky Mountains: $3.9 million 
  7. Poconos: $3.5 million 
  8. Houston:  $3.3 million 
  9. Catskills and Hudson Valley: $3.1 million 
  10.  Denver: $2.9 million 

Airbnb says it now has over 4 million hosts in 220 countries worldwide.

The company also released more data about its hosts this week. Airbnb says over half of American Hosts reported less than $100,000 in total household income for 2020. Almost two thirds (64%) are women, 24 percent are retired, and 25 percent of employed Hosts are teachers or healthcare workers.