Over 50 Million GoPro Cameras Sold

GoPro says it has surpassed 50 million cameras sold since the launch of the ground-breaking HD HERO camera back in 2009!

“GoPro has helped the world capture and share itself in ways that we could only dream of prior to the invention of the first GoPro camera,” said founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman. “Selling 50 million cameras over a 15 year span feels good, but it’s the next 50 million cameras I’m most excited about. Buckle up.”

Since the 2009 unveiling of the original HD HERO camera, GoPro has launched 20 cameras that have sold at least one million units, pioneering multiple camera categories including Action and 360 cameras. We’re proud to have consistently introduced ground-breaking technology that raises the bar on performance, innovation and quality – with multiple Technical Emmy and Red Dot Design awards, among scores of other awards, and the 2018 induction into IEEE Spectrum’s Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.

From skydivers piercing the earth’s atmosphere to firefighters saving kittens and everything in-between, GoPro technology has unlocked some of the most engaging and exciting perspectives humans have ever seen

GoPro originally began selling cameras in 2004 with a 35mm film-based HERO camera, but cameras pre-dating the 2009 HD HERO are not included in the 50 million cameras sold.