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Revelstoke Closes $20 Million Series B

SAN JOSE — Revelstoke Security, creators of the first Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform built on a Unified Data Layer, has closed $20 million in Series B funding. The round was co-led by SYN Ventures and ClearSky Security, with contributions from Rally Ventures, and Crosslink Capital.

Revelstoke is the first cybersecurity automation company to build a SOAR solution using a common data language – the Unified Data Layer – which acts like a Rosetta Stone, enabling disparate data and systems to seamlessly integrate. This allows for faster, smarter, more efficient security operations, so that organizations can more effectively defend against cyber threats.

The investment comes at a time of rapid growth for Revelstoke. In its first year, the company reports adding a host of key enterprise customers including leading global financial services organizations, manufacturers, educational institutions, technology companies and managed services providers.

“With Revelstoke, we rethought security automation from the ground up to create the first next level SOAR platform,” said Bob Kruse, Revelstoke CEO and Co-Founder. “It’s low code, high speed, and thanks to the Unified Data Layer you can integrate anything. That means analysts can automate everything, and finally focus on protecting their organizations from threats, instead of writing code. And, because we have case management built in, incident response is seamless, and organizations can easily prove compliance as new regulations emerge.”

“It’s self-evident that reliance on manual processes in the SOC is both unsustainable and increasingly ineffective. The first generation of SOAR products validated the demand for automation but were unfortunately difficult to implement as well as maintain. Analysts are ready for a next generation SOAR product, one that enables the quick implementation of ‘out of the box’ playbooks and workflows. Revelstoke is that product,” said Patrick Heim, SYN Ventures Managing Partner. “It’s simple and intuitive on the front end with no-code playbooks and a sophisticated abstraction layer that frees playbook logic from being bound to specific tools. We believe Revelstoke is poised for significant growth.”

The $20 million investment will allow Revelstoke to expand and enhance its Next Level SOAR platform, increase the number of out-of-the-box integrations, expand its team and deepen its presence to support global enterprises. In addition, Revelstoke will expand its channel partner program, building strong relationships with other leading security product companies and managed services providers.