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Caban Systems Reels in $51 Million

BURLINGAME — Caban Systems, a provider of next-generation renewable energy solutions for critical infrastructure, has raised $51 million to accelerate its global expansion strategy. The Series B round was led by investor BCP Ventures with participation from Ontario Power Generation Pension Fund, Ember Infrastructure, Portfolia, and Inspiration Ventures.

Caban delivers end-to-end energy solutions that decarbonize and modernize critical infrastructure. The US-based company has pioneered a turnkey solution that leverages its proprietary lithium-ion energy storage technology, intelligent remote monitoring software, and integrated Energy-as-a-Service offering.

Founded in 2018 by Alexandra Rasch Castillo and Brian Pevear, Caban has initially demonstrated success as an alternative energy solution for the telecommunications industry in the Americas. Caban’s technology has now reached a pivotal moment for expansion to support clean energy needs across critical infrastructure sectors. The new funding enables Caban to scale domestic battery manufacturing capacity, broaden its product and service offerings, and expand into global markets.

“Closing our Series B is a transformational moment for our company and a concrete endorsement that our technology, combined with our Energy-as-a-Service business model, is the leading energy transition strategy for our customers,” says Alexandra Rasch Castillo, CEO and Founder of Caban. “After a successful launch in Latin America, our Series B will allow us to grow our business globally.”

Several of the world’s largest telecommunications companies leverage Caban technology to cut carbon emissions, reduce operational costs, and increase power reliability. Caban solutions are powering over 500 customer sites across 10 countries, with more than 1,400 additional sites under contract.

“We are honored to partner with Caban Systems to reinvent energy delivery for the telecommunications sector and bring renewable power to critical infrastructure in all corners of the world,” says Roger Lang, Co-Founder and General Partner of BCP Ventures. “We could not be more excited about Caban’s rapid growth trajectory and positive climate and human impact.”

Urgency to meet global decarbonization targets and enhance energy security continue to increase demand for Caban’s solutions worldwide. In the US, the Inflation Reduction Act now offers bonus incentives for energy storage projects using US-manufactured equipment. Taken together, the global and domestic trends set the stage for Caban to thrive.