Subway Introduces Two New Sandwiches

A new year means new subs from Subway. The world’s largest sandwich chain —  with nearly 40,000 restaurants in 100 countries — is debuting two brand new subs alongside the return of five fan-favorite menu items, back by popular demand.

Brand New Sandwiches
Subway’s two newest subs include:

Baja Turkey Avocado: This sub combines fresh flavors and a spicy kick with oven-roasted turkey and smashed avocado on Hearty Multigrain bread and topped with crisp veggies — lettuce spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers and red onion. The whole sub is then generously drizzled with spicy Baja Chipotle sauce for a flavorful, balanced bite.

Honey Mustard Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Subway’s popular rotisserie-style chicken is getting a refresh with a sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce. This new signature recipe starts with rotisserie-style chicken on Hearty Multigrain bread, topped with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes cucumber, green pepper and red onion. The sub is finished with honey mustard before it is toasted to perfection.

Subs Making a Comeback
In addition to all new options, several of Subway’s most popular sandwiches are returning to the menu to begin the new year. From cult classics to seasonal limited-time offerings, these fan favorites are making a comeback:

Subway Club: Take a bite into not one, but two meats in this hearty sub. Subway’s revamped oven-roasted turkey and black forest ham are piled onto Hearty Multigrain bread along with wholesome veggies — lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper and red onion.

Roast Beef: Subway closed out 2021 with the return of roast beef, back better than ever with new and improved oven-roasted Choice Angus Roast Beef — Subway’s highest quality roast beef ever. The flavorful roast beef is then topped with veggie staples lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper and red onions.

Turkey Cali Fresh: This classic sub made its debut when Subway’s Eat Fresh, Refresh launched last July and remains a popular mainstay. Oven-roasted turkey is paired with slices of creamy fresh BelGioioso mozzarella, bacon and zesty smashed avocado, finished with spinach, tomatoes, red onion and a drizzle of mayonnaise.

Baja Steak & Jack: For those craving something meatier, this mouthwatering steak sandwich delivers a kick of Chipotle flavor. The Baja Steak & Jack features Subway’s refreshed steak recipe — tender, juicy shaved steak — that debuted last July, with rich Pepper Jack Cheese, green peppers and red onions.

Baja Chicken & Bacon: This sandwich packs a punch with smokiness and Chipotle flavor, hand-pulled rotisserie-style chicken, bacon and pepper jack cheese, topped with Subway’s new Baja Chipotle sauce.

These menu updates kick off another year of transformation for Subway, as it continues the journey that began in 2021 with the Eat Fresh Refresh — with even more new ingredients, sandwiches, sauces and sweets still to come.