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Univfy Raises $6 Million

SAN FRANCISCO — Univfy, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to personalize counseling and increase access to fertility care, has raised $6 million of its Series B funding round led by a portfolio company of Atlantic Street Capital.

Known by fertility specialists and patients for its flagship Univfy PreIVF Report, Univfy has commercialized a suite of AI/ML-assisted platform services that improves patients’ experience and access to treatment, while increasing growth for fertility centers. With the new funding, Univfy will be able to extend platform services to health plans and employers to bring transparency and predictability to fertility treatment success and costs. Univfy is also uniquely able to leverage its AI/ML platform to advance precision medicine to improve prognostics and inform development of therapeutics in the fertility market.

Univfy’s highly scalable AI/ML platform develops and validates clinical live birth outcomes prediction models using each fertility center’s own data. Commercialized in the US, Canada, and EU, fertility specialists use the Univfy PreIVF Report to counsel patients about their probability of having a baby from IVF and other treatment options. This personalized and center-specific approach maximizes relevance to each patient population and efficiency of value-based care. Univfy’s personalized prognostics enables fertility centers to offer patients value-based pricing programs that cap financial risk for patients and make multiple IVF cycles more affordable. Patients counseled with the Univfy Report are 2-3 times more likely to use their doctor’s recommended treatment, with an expected increase in the number and percentage of patients having singleton live births.

One in eight, or 7 million, reproductive age couples in the US and more than 80 million couples worldwide struggle to conceive on their own. IVF is the most effective treatment for most women and couples, but it is vastly underutilized, most likely due to financial risk and physical and emotional stress. Based on proprietary technology developed at Stanford University and R&D on a global scale, Univfy offers a full-service, validated, data-driven AI platform to meet the medical, emotional, and financial needs of patients.

“Univfy uniquely focuses on making fertility counseling easier for providers and more personalized and actionable for patients. This is where the most important decisions occur for women and couples, emotionally and financially,” said Mylene Yao, CEO and Cofounder of Univfy. “We are proud of the impact we have made in improving the fertility care experience for both patients and clinical teams. Atlantic Street Capital shares Univfy’s vision to make fertility care personalized and more accessible for women and couples who desire to have a family. We believe patients should be able to count on fertility treatments to have a baby.”