Xfinity Communities Holistic Technology Approach Provides Smart, Fast, Ready-Now Solutions to Tens of Thousands of Multifamily Communities

Smart living, entertainment, high-performance Internet and WiFi offerings allow property owners, developers and managers to choose the right solutions to improve operational efficiencies and Net Operating Income

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Xfinity Communities today announced that tens of thousands of properties nationwide are embracing its unique, holistic solutions approach to multi-dwelling unit (MDU) property technology. Since the launch of its Advanced Communities Network (ACN) in 2014, Comcast’s multifamily, student housing and senior living community division has provided millions of residents with high-performance Internet, WiFi, entertainment options and smart living solutions as part of their amenities packages.

“Xfinity Communities’ holistic approach to MDU technology solutions is meeting today’s resident requirements by delivering a customized set of technology services that offers the property staff and owners the right products for their community,” said Adrian Adriano, VP of strategic initiatives at Xfinity Communities. “Whether it is smart living solutions, our various flavors of WiFi and Internet connectivity or modern entertainment options, these solutions assist each property in differentiating itself in the competitive real estate market, while also increasing property values and improving the overall resident experience.”

As revealed in Xfinity Communities February 2019 “Products & Amenities Research” which surveyed nearly 800 multifamily residents, respondents of all ages rate Internet speeds as the single most important amenity a property could offer and technology as the most important factor overall, above options such as gyms, clubhouses, outdoor spaces, common areas and even the quality of schools/districts.

Additionally, 53 percent of Millennial respondents (those in the 26-35 age group in this survey) showed interest in smart solutions, such as the ability to control locks, thermostats and lighting. Property managers, developers and owners are acting upon this insight as, according to Xfinity Communities 2019 “The State of Smart Technology in the Multifamily Housing Industry” report, where properties have adopted, are implementing or have decided to adopt these technologies at rates of 77 percent, 75 percent and 71 percent, respectively. Overall, more than 70 percent of those surveyed said smart technology is the way of the future, is good for the community’s bottom line and makes the organization’s job easier on a day-to-day basis.

Xfinity Communities has built its approach to multifamily technology on its ACN, specialized Customer Account Representatives (CARs) and drive to innovate and support residents and property owners and staff at scale. In 2019 alone, Xfinity Communities has demonstrated its leadership for the connected living experience and MDU technology through:

  • New Properties Deploying Smart, Connected Living Experience Technologies The Wyatt FOCO in Fort Collins, Colorado, and several Kass Management Services properties in Illinois are among the first communities to offer a connected living experience allowing residents to control their units’ smart devices through a single, simple app. Meanwhile, property managers benefit from the convenience of app-based control of vacant units, and owners realize improved energy efficiencies, increased unit value and higher NOI.
  • Expanded Portfolio of WiFi Solutions – With two new WiFi offerings, property managers can select the right package for their community.
    • Managed WiFi: Through the acquisition of Epproach Communications, a leader in multifamily technology including managed WiFi and Internet, Xfinity Communities strengthened its managed Select WiFi offering in 2019. The improved Select WiFi solution places access points throughout a property, providing the highest-level Quality of Experience while eliminating the need for residents to have equipment in their units. Off-campus student housing communities like the Vantage in Philadelphia are experiencing positive resident feedback.
    • Pre-installed WiFi: Additionally, the availability of the WiFi Ready solution, allows properties to preinstall customer premises equipment (CPE) in multifamily units so new residents can purchase and activate a service package online or over the phone immediately upon move-in for wireless Internet access. WiFi Ready is active in properties from coast to coast.
  • Advanced Entertainment Options with IPTV – Property managers can select Internet TV options for common areas and residents can choose the solution to watch more than 100 channels of live TV, On Demand and recorded content on their IP-enabled devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With no need for a set-top box, residents only download the Xfinity Stream app to access content, beginning at the moment of move-in.

“From our conversations with our property owners, developers and managers, we created this holistic approach to meet any of their needs for the wide variety of technology amenities options for both existing and new communities and it has been very successful,” said Adriano. “Looking ahead, we will continue to advance our offerings to meet the unique needs of our partners and their residents while offering unparalleled personalized customer service and the latest in smart community and connectivity technologies.”

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Xfinity Communities provides residents, property managers, owners and developers with a smarter living experience that differentiates properties with customized solutions. Offering a better network, better entertainment and better service to multifamily properties, senior villages and college dwellings, Xfinity Communities properties deliver an end-to-end service throughout the resident’s technology lifecycle. Xfinity Communities is transforming more than 189,000 properties and 14.7 million units across the country. For more information visit Xfinity Communities or follow us on LinkedIn.


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