Wingstop Launches Thighstop Virtual Brand

Wingstop, a leading chicken wings chain with more than 1,400 locations nationwide, has launched a new virtual brand focused on thighs due to a looming chicken wing shortage.

Thighstop is a new thigh concept launched from Wingstop’s own stores and will be delivered exclusively through Doordash, Wingstop’s delivery partner.

Thighstop encourages guests to try thighs, which are one of the juiciest and most flavorful parts of the chicken. Chicken fans can now enjoy delicious, crispy thighs, served naked and sauced and tossed in 11 bold, distinctive and craveable flavors – the same 11 flavors that catapulted Wingstop to flavor fame. In addition to bone-in thighs, Thighstop is also introducing breaded boneless thighs – a more juicy, flavorful take on Wingstop’s popular boneless wings. To round it out, Wingstop’s signature freshly-made ranch and blue cheese dips, fresh-cut seasoned fries, fried corn and rolls are also up for grabs via Thighstop.

“Wingstop pioneered the concept of chicken wings as a center-of-the-plate item. Although Thighstop is in its infancy, we’ve been exploring bone-in and boneless thighs as center-of-the-plate options for some time now as a way to offer fans new ways to enjoy Wingstop’s bold, distinctive and craveable flavors,” said Charlie Morrison, CEO of Thighstop. “We’re excited to bring Thighstop to the masses in a way that’s familiar and convenient to consumers by providing the option of delivery or carryout through our delivery partner DoorDash.”

There’s no word if the company will also focus on other parts of the chicken with future virtual brands — including Legstop and Breaststop.