Unity Group: Digital Transformation Made in Poland at FDI Conference (SelectChicago®)

WROCLAW, Poland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 5th edition of the American FDI conference, organized by SelectChicago®, is bringing foreign direct investments to the Greater Chicago region. During this year’s event, the Polish presence will be strong. On the 21st of October, Unity Group, together with Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), ITCorner and Booksy, are going to host a series of online panels devoted to digital commerce transformation, the global ecosystem of IT startups and technological cooperation between Chicago and Poland.

For years, the United States have been the world’s leader in delivering IT services. The value of exports exceeds imports on a regular basis, which stands in opposition to the global balance of trade1. The current level of net revenue in this sector equals $175 bn, with an estimated growth to $232 bn expected over the next 5 years. This trend is related to the increase in the quantity of data, as well as complexity of processes that utilize such information2.

USA is built upon IT and, therefore, American digital entrepreneurship is fostered by a well-developed support system both on state and federal levels. The United States is home to agencies stimulating economic growth, including SelectChicago, which connects foreign investors with commercial investments in the Chicago region.

Greater Chicago is an opportunity for Polish companies

SelectChicago® cooperates with the SelectUSA program, offering prospective investors access to business opportunities in the USA. The agency helps investors and companies in taking financial and legal steps. Through involvement the FDI conference provides broad knowledge about local entrepreneurship, the opportunities that this region offers and a prelude to business activities in the USA. The series of sessions scheduled for October 21 will focus on topics related to the digital commerce transformation and the global IT startups ecosystem. But why Chicago? The region has one of the most versatile economic profiles, including all areas of commerce, from large B2B to dynamic points of sales in retail. The entire Midwest has ample room for building an ecosystem of companies fueling commerce transformation in the domains of omnichannel e-commerce, supply chain optimization, digital operations, marketing and customer data analysis.

Poland has already made its place among European innovation centers and has moved away from the stereotypical image of cheap service outsourcing space. Today, Poland is known for its modern digital economy. The Covid-19 pandemic proved to companies that digital transformation is vital for their business. At the same time, current conditions have leveled the ground between international IT companies, with the popularization of remote service delivery.

"I'm excited that Unity Group team can join us for SelectChicago's 5th annual Foreign Direct Investment Conference. Our goal is to bring business owners, municipalities, and investors across the globe together to build deeper connections and showcase the resources present in the Midwest region. Please join us and Unity Group on October 21st for a dynamic day of events" - Michael Edgar, President of SelectChicago

Digital transformation made in Poland

One of the Polish leaders in digital commerce transformation, Unity Group, has been successfully operating despite the current pandemic-induced crisis supporting companies to move their businesses on line. The Group, which has been present in the market since 1997, is an experienced partner in sales digitalization, with more than 500 commerce transformation projects delivered. Unity Group has already had opportunities to serve foreign business leaders, including Leroy Merlin, McDonald’s and Euro RTV AGD. Their American expansion is ongoing after opening an office in New York a year ago.

“Greater Chicago is a magnet for companies and new investments. The area is a perfect place for discussions about innovation in commerce and challenges brought by current megatrends in the global economy. That is why I am very pleased that I can share the experience gained in Unity Group, even more that we have digital solutions at a global level” – says Dominik Janes, Partner at Unity Group – “COVID left its mark on both traditional and e- commerce. It set new directions and dynamized the ongoing changes as part of the digital transformation in many industries. It also showed that the choice is very important for customers, which means that although traditional stores will not disappear, they will have to undergo a deep technological transformation to ensure an attractive shopping experience. For e-commerce, the pandemic is undoubtedly a turning point. Last year, there were forecasts that in 2024 online sales in the US would exceed revenues from traditional channels. This trend is true for all markets and will now accelerate even more. In a relatively short time, the Internet will become the main retail sales channel, and traditional sales will be complementary” – he adds.

Support for the market and startups

One of the permanent conduits between American and Polish business is PAIH. Its mission is to increase the inflow of foreign direct investments to the country, as well as the range and dynamics of internationalization of Polish enterprises. PAIH's foreign trade offices in the USA support business not just in the sale of goods and services, but also in the implementation of investment projects. “I am very glad that PAIH is an institutional partner of the event. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the functioning of many companies, and this event could not have come at a better time. Participants will listen to industry leaders who will share their insights on technology, innovation and cooperation” – says Michał Rzeznik, Head of the Foreign Trade Office in Chicago (PAIH).

The huge diversity of the Midwest in adaptation with an investment-friendly attitude, supporting an innovative venture, has made it a great place for start-ups. During the event, the Booksy team will also share their experience. The founders based their business on facilitating access to cosmetic services.

"As a growing technology company that was started in Warsaw and now has our US base of operations here in Chicago, we're excited to be part of the upcoming SelectChicago 5th FDI Conference. We know firsthand both the challenges and opportunities that arise from this type of organizational setup and will be sharing our experiences candidly and enthusiastically. We hope to see you there" Bo Hurd, VP of Sales, Booksy

Thought leadership, experienced speakers, and knowledge exchange between companies and organizations – all this awaits you at a platform made to accommodate international players prepared for rise of digital transformation. The event is a worthwhile investment and you can get your free tickets here

1. Sectoral Study IT/ICT Sector in the USA, PAIH.

2. Sectoral Study IT/ICT Sector in the USA, PAIH.


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