Tim Cook Sells 48,571 More Apple Shares


Apple CEO Tim Cook has sold a total of 48,571 shares during the past week, earning $6,073,102. The sales were made in accordance with Rule 10b5-1 trading plan.

Cook made the following sales during the past week:

  • 10,000 shares on 1/30/17 at $120.93 per share
  • 10,000 shares on 1/31/17 at $121.93 per share
  • 15,000 shares on 2/1/17 at $127.10 per share
  • 5,000 shares on 2/1/17 at $130 per share
  • 8,571 shares on 2/2/17 at $127.99 per share

In January, Cook sold a total of 90,000 shares of Apple stock in transactions throughout the month.

Apple’s CEO still holds 901,474 shares worth over $116 million at Friday’s closing price. Cook also holds a potential 3,500,000 warrants that will vest over the next five years.


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